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San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Harry Tracy Water Treatment Plant, San Mateo County, CA

The Harry Tracy Water Treatment Plant is getting an upgrade and will improve the backup water supply for nearly 11 peninsula cities. The objective of this project is to decommission the existing 6.5 MG and 8 MG treated water reservoirs and construct a new 11 MG treated water reservoir; construct 5 new filters, replace existing 0.5 MG washwater tank and construct new 0.5 MG washwater tank; convert washwater clarifiers to equalization basins; install new high-rate clarifiers; and perform hydraulic improvements to various treatment units.

Vineyard Surface Water Treatment Plant, Sacramento County, CA

The Vineyard Surface Water Treatment Plant site is a 78-acre parcel located on Florin Road in Sacramento and is the first ever surface water treatment plant. The Vineyard plant will receive its water from the Freeport Water Intake Facility that is being constructed in the Sacramento River. This project is the largest project undertaken by the water agency with constructions costs totaling over $200 million. The plant can treat up to 50 million gallons of drinking water per day and will be expanded to treat up to 100 million gallons per day.

Sacramento River East Levee (SREL) Phase 3B Improvements Slurry Wall, Sacramento County, CA

TheSacramento Area Flood Control Agency (SAFCA) was formed in 1989 to address the Sacramento area’s vulnerability to flooding.The purpose of these projects is to construct soil bentonite cutoff walls, raise level and flatten side slops, raise existing pump plant discharge pipelines and demolish existing structures and utilities at selected parcels. This project included work on phase 3B which involvedconstruction of the approximately 4,450 lineal foot long soil bentoniteslurry cut off wall.

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