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Caldecott Tunnel, 4th Bore, Alameda/Contra Costa County, CA

The Caldecott Fourth Bore Project is a partnership between the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) and the Alameda County Congestion Management Agency (ACCMA) to build a two-lane fourth tunnel bore north of the existing three Caldecott tunnels. The project is located on State Route 24 between Oakland and Orinda. The $420 million project will take approximately four years to build and also includes two smaller projects that will enhance traffic flow. With State Route 24 carrying about 160,000 vehicles per day traveling through the three tunnels, the new fourth bore will relieve congestion in the off-peak direction and eliminate the need to switch the direction of traffic flow in the middle bore to accommodate shifting traffic demands. When the Fourth Bore Project is completed, two bores will be permanently dedicated to westbound traffic and two bores to eastbound traffic.

Tower Bridge Gateway Modifications, West Sacramento, CA

The Tower Bridge gateway modification project consists of changing the entrance of the bridge from a freeway to a city street. The 3rd Street undercrossing and associated rail and local access structures were removed and the Ballpark Drive/South River Road intersection will be reconstructed. The project will also widen Tower Bridge Gateway and Riverfront Avenue and add landscaped pedestrian areas on both sides of the street. The project also included road widening and additional signals.

Mineta San Jose International Airport, San Jose, CA

The construction changes were part of Mineta San Jose International Airport's $1.8 billion terminal area improvement program, involving the modernization and replacement of the airport's terminal facilities, including the transformation of Terminal A and construction of Terminal B and Terminal B concourse which replaced Terminal C, originally built in 1965.
Terminal A: Terminal A projects included new ticket lobbies to open in May 2009. The new ticket lobbies will have 60% more ticketing stations than the old facility. The construction on Terminal A allows for a longer curb for departing passengers to unload. The security checkpoint was also expanded. Terminal A houses new restaurants and shops. Terminal B: This beautiful new terminal replaced Terminal C and connects with the North Concourse to provide ticketing, baggage claim, and security functions. The facility also includes new inline baggage screening systems for greater efficiency for airlines, passengers, and TSA operations. Once Terminal B opened, all airlines began using Terminal C moved to either Terminal A or Terminal B.  Using Terminal B instead of installing temporary equipment in Terminal C helped the airport to reduce the overall construction cost of their modernization program.ConRAC Rental Car Facility: This project is a 7-deck rental car garage. The new structure is across the road from the new Terminal B; it has 3,000 spaces for rental car companies and 350 spa

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