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Labs and R&D Facilities

Genentech Building 31, South San Francisco, CA

Genentech is a world leader in bio-technology with its headquarters in South San Francisco. At the heart of its campus is a new master-planned administrative office complex of Buildings 31, 32 and 33. Building 31 is a 152,000sf building with over 275 hard-wall offices, support spaces, conference and team rooms clustered around a circular courtyard and located on a bluff overlooking the San Francisco Bay. The ground floor functions contain common facilities for the employees such as a cafeteria, store and conference/meeting rooms.

681 Gateway Boulevard R&D Labs, South San Francisco, CA

This four story, 125,000sf office tower, occupies an eight-acre site in South San Francisco. The building features energy-efficient mechanical equipment and extensive natural day lighting. The project was constructed using seventeen percent recycled-content materials and eighty-six percent of construction waste was diverted. By incorporating motion-detection lighting controls, high-efficiency boilers and chillers and glazing on windows to reduce heating loads on the building skin, it also surpassed Title 24 energy requirements by twenty five percent. With the energy-efficient design, mechanical equipment and natural daylight, this project achieved Silver LEED certification for core and shell.

Bayer Healthcare Buildings 49A, 53 and 80, Berkeley, CA

The Berkeley site functions as the headquarters for Bayer’s biotechnology product supply organization as the sixth largest biotechnology company in the world. This $30M, three-phase project involved renovation of the existing two story 41,70sf building in the first phase and a 53,945sf expansion of the existing building in the second phase and a 95,986sf expansion to the building in the future third phase.

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