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Delta College, Cunningham Math and Science Center, Stockton, CA

The new 100,000sf Cunningham building is proposed as a large science and math complex with cutting-edge technology and a modern, open design. The building design is much different than the cramped corridors and busy laboratories of the existing building. The 3-story structure houses dry labs on the first floor, wet biology labs on the second floor and chemistry labs on the third floor with offices, labs and classrooms on each floor for each respective discipline. The labs wrap around a central service core consisting of tech offices, lab preparatory rooms and lab storage rooms.

Stanford University, Bing Concert Hall, Stanford, CA

The 844-seat, 112,000sf Bing Concert Hall will be an acoustically brilliant venue that will be well suited to a wide spectrum of music performances. Named in honor of major supporters Helen and Peter Bing, the building will be located at the gateway to the Stanford campus, adjacent to the existing Frost Amphitheater, at the east end of Museum Way, with its main entry plaza facing the existing Cantor Arts Center on the other side of Palm Drive. Construction of the Concert Hall is expected to be completed in summer 2012, with the first public performances occurring in January 2013. For Stanford, the $111.9 million hall underscores a commitment to the arts that began with the Arts Initiative, a university-wide effort to integrate the arts and creativity into all fields of study.

California State University, Chico Parking Structure 2, Chico, CA

The Normal Avenue Parking Structure project includes the design and construction of a four-story structure with 359 parking spaces, 11 motorcycle stalls and 242 bicycle parking stalls and a single-story administrative building. The office building will be along 2nd Street to create a lower profile in this busy area. The project also includes 15kw photovoltaic array with trellis, 10 electrical vehicle charging stations, water efficient fixtures, recycled materials used in concrete and designed to LEED Silver standards.

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